About Us

Javielito's Audio Systems Distributors

Since 2006, JASD has been dedicated to the distribution of the best brands of audio products. Due to our experience, quality service, and honesty we only work with the best brands, hense our clients always trust our products. We are now pleased to bring to the American continent the very much anticipated OBERTON  Professional Loudspeaker, a respected world-class brand with thirty years in the High End Pro Audio market in EUROPE: efficiency, power, and sound quality under the most extreme conditions.



  • JASD builds a strong relationship with its customers by providing TOP QUALITY SERVICES.
  • We understand that timing is important; therefore, we work with our clients to ensure that their products ARRIVE QUICKLY.
  • Most of our customers have FREE SHIPPING!!!
  • Authorized dealers have FREE SHIPPING!!! in most cases, so they no longer have to worry about extra installation costs. Do not hesitate to contact us to validate the eligibility of our free shipping plan in your country.